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Advocacy and Scrutiny

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Advocacy and Scrutiny


In most areas of human endeavour there is no shortage of competition and plenty of detractors. 

What is less abundant and much more useful is a real friend - someone you can trust to give an unbiased opinion, tell you which of your ideas and plans sound really good but be totally honest about inconsistencies, oversights or shortcomings.

Imagine having that resource always at hand. It's not just the sounding board that helps, it's the reassurance of knowing your ideas have been scrutinised. 

If someone is going to point out a flaw or issue in your plan, how about if it happens very early on? How about if it is thorough? How about if it is confidential and discrete?

If it's good, how about if someone says so loud and clear?

Extragenius provide scrutiny and advocacy as a service. Early evaluations and interventions can preempt project issues or be used to pre-populated issue logs.

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