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Design and Visuals


According to the theory, any time, money and commitment you invest in design pays you back with interest. In reality nothing is that simple. For full effect, desgners have to start with a deep understanding of the offering, the message and the audience.

We're not bound by convention or fads, we would rather start new ones. Our designers have the experience and know how to make your offering stand out.

We've worked with artists, product designers, developers, manufacturers, retailers and marketeers in all arenas to make eye-catching visuals.

Our artists have produced high quality artwork, 

smoke in blue, red and yellow
an oval harmonesque logo, with a central  multicolour sunburst

Harmonesque logo.

The shadow of an egyptian scene against an ancient wall

Cairo - lampshade design.

Silver pendant with fine enamelled image a bird on a twig with a grassy, leafy background. The 1p coin in the background is about half the size of the pendant

Fine enamelling.

image of red and chrome colour co-ordinated door fittings, switches, clock and lamp
a swinging clock hanging in a frame

Swing Clock = ridiculous, pointless, engaging

Blush - suite of interior fittings

Original paintings

painting of a seashore scene with a small boat


A gallery of our artwork is in production

painting of a Venice scene