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Knowledge sharing


With the exception of personal and security matters, sharing knowledge is good.
The more we share, the more resi;ient that knowledge is. 


Training isn't an overhead, it is an investment. 

Being trained makes you more capable. People you train are better able to help you and more likely to want to.

Extragenius have planned, organised, hosted and conducted all sorts of training, so we are able to help you with yours.

We don't have a training centre, but we can get one near you.

We don't have a host of trainers, but we offer trainer training.

We don't have unlimited training facilities, but we have all the Know-how you need to find and make the most of them.

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Knowledge sharing is not just training. It should be an on-going process that makes the most of every medium available.

Meetings, workshops, on-line resources, mentoring are all well and good, but there is an art to making them add value.

Learning anything is good, but when you have  fixed objectives the key is finding learning material to most expedite them. Extragenius can help.

For best effects, the audience also needs to be ready and willing to learn. Extragenius can help with all preparatory work.


Subject analysis

Course planning

Facilitating knowlegde share

Working with people

Trainer training


Venue preparation

Material preparation


Verification of learning

Flexible knowledge sharing