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These days, the cloud is an ever more widely used platform for IT, but we don't live the cloud - work happens in offices, homes, cars, all sorts of work sites, so we need kit everywhere.

Everyone having the right hardware, software and apps to hand doesn't just happen, it takes strategic planning, careful procurement and regular re-appraisal. Extragenius can help.


Designing data is worth the effort, because it makes decision support information and business intelligence much easier to access and use. Data sources to use, what data to capture and how, organising and storing it - all things we can help with.

Data security

Things to consider:  
* Your responsibility to capture, keep and relinquish personal data properly - regulations like the Data Protection Act and GDPR define some of this.
* The need to keep commercial information secure
* The need for appropriate access to sensitive information
Sadly there's no quick fix for warding off threats to the security of your data. Ever more sophisticated wrong-doers use every conceivable trick to steal, corrupt or erase your data, so permanent vigilance has to be part of normal business. Extragenius has wide experience and knowledge in these areas.

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Computer hardware and software do not a system make. A system is a method of conducting an activity - computers or not. That said, IT systems offer ever more effective solutions, with increasingly detailed features and functions.

We design and build systems and we can help you with yours.

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System analysis

Process engineering

System engineering

Proof of concept

Software and web development

Data management



Cyber security

System architecture

Avoiding the comfort zone

System integration

Firewalls and encryption